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Please allow a 10-minute buffer at the start/end of your session in case of tech issues or if we end up chatting a bit longer than expected!

Online Appointments:

Situate yourself at a safe and non-distracting location (e.g. NOT in a moving vehicle), and ideally utilize a larger electronic device (e.g. desktop/laptop/tablet).

➡️ We reserve the right to cancel your appointment at our discretion if the setting is distracting or unsafe ⬅️

In-Person Testing Appointments:

If you are expecting to bring your children to your in-person appointment, let us know in advance so that we can prepare a space for them.

Sorry, we do not offer phone sessions as the screenshare feature is vital for program effectiveness.

Our Health & Safety Measures:

Our office building is cleaned and sanitized with electrostatic disinfection on a regular basis.

The RMR metabolic machine is equiped with one-way valves. Fresh air from the room (not the device) is drawn with every breath, protecting clients from cross-contamination. No client ever draws a breath that has gone through the device as the valves will close. The one-time use MetaBreather is discarded after testing.

As an enhanced measurement, equipment is UV disinfected prior to every client whenever possible. Seating areas and surfaces are sanitized and wiped down between every client. Hand sanitizer and alcohol spray is provided for client use.