Don’t Let Your 2019 Dietitian Benefits Expire!

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Do you have registered dietitian benefits in your health plan that you need to use up before the end of 2019? Don’t let them go to waste!

Why You Should Use Your Dietitian Benefits

Our “Good Better Best” approach means that even if you’re already feeling great, we are confident that our Registered Dietitian can keep you feeling that way and help you live a happier and healthier life. Our prime goal is to make sure you’re not only feeling well, but optimal! And if you are like most people, you probably have some health concerns or goals. We have many options, such as our Elite Performance & Premium Weight Loss program, that can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

If you don’t use it, you lose it!

You only have 12 weeks left to use up your dietitian health benefits if they renew in January, so get started now! There are so many people who “save up” their benefits because they don’t want to run out, but often end up letting them go to waste at the end of the year instead! So now is the time – if you enroll in one of our programs today, you likely can still make use of your all or most of your benefits.

Find out what’s covered

Did you know that Registered Dietitians are often covered by extended health benefit plans and health spending accounts? Talk to HR or call your insurance company to find out details of your plan (i.e. % covered, if there are maximums per visit). As long as you have the details of your plan, our team is always happy to help you navigate through getting reimbursed.

Registered Dietitians are also on the list of Canada Revenue Agency’s “Authorized medical practitioners for the purposes of the medical expense tax credit”, meaning our services are tax-deductible.

Performance and weight loss nutrition program in Calgary

Once we know what you’re covered for, we can get a better idea of how best to use your benefits and we will be better equipped to customize a nutrition program specific to you that can even include weekly updated meal plans! We also offer sports nutrition programs for athletic performance and game-specific needs, metabolic testing and body composition analysis (which are included in certain programs depending on your needs)

Get started now

Make sure you book in for your FREE 30-minute nutrition consult so we can chat more about your health goals and how things might look like if we were to work together. The consult can be done in-person at our Calgary downtown or centre street, or virtually online.

I look forward to working with you soon!


  1. Noelle Brady

    Hello, I was just wondering if you do direct billing for the dietician?

    • eatuitivenutrition

      Hello Noelle, we are in the process of setting up direct billing for extended health benefits! Eligibility would depend on what insurance provider you have, so we always suggest you start with a free consultation so we can discuss your needs and set up the most appropriate nutrition program for you! You can do so here a

  2. Melinda Bain

    Hi, I have extended benefits of 750! I am def interested in how i can maximize the dietician benefit. Can someone give me some more information on what that would look like?

    • eatuitivenutrition

      Hello Melinda , thanks for the comment! I would suggest you start with a free consultation so we can discuss your needs and set up the most appropriate nutrition program for you and go over your insurance details. We are in the process of setting up direct billing for extended health benefits, and eligibility would depend on what insurance provider you have. You can book an appointment here at

  3. Phan

    Is direct billing for dietician available?

    • eatuitivenutrition

      Hello Phan, direct billing eligibility depends on the benefits plan you have and whether the insurance provider supports dietitians/nutritionists. So far we have just been approved for Alberta Blue Cross. Otherwise, please come to your session prepared with your plan information and we are happy to help you navigate your plan!


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