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Specialties: sport nutrition for youth/adults, macros and digestive health

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What if the best version of you today, becomes your baseline tomorrow?

The 3 Pillars for Peak Health & Performance


ing Metrics, Nutrition & Training


Pillar 1: Testing Metrics

You must truly understand your baseline & progress metrics in order to achieve the best results your body is capable of. Let’s work smarter, and arm you with personalized knowledge about you for success.

Our Resting Metabolism breathing test tells you “how much” you need to eat, by directly measuring your body’s calorie needs. Our Body Composition Analyzer provides your lean body mass, so you know “what” amount of protein is most optimal for your goals.

You will receive your testing metrics results, and a professional dietitian interpretation during your session.


Pillar 2: Nutrition with a Registered Dietitian

Once you understand your body, you can fuel your body with the nutrition you need. Without proper nutrition and optimal protein intake, it’s impossible for you to build lean muscle and lose body fat, even if you are dedicated to training!

From macros to micros, not only will we break down your nutrition plan in detail, more importantly we will explain the “why” so you can take this knowledge with you for life.

At Eatuitive Nutrition, you can expect honest recommendations with no sugarcoating nor BS.

eatuitive nutrition cycling

Pillar 3: Training & Mindset

Every rep counts. Do yours?

No amount of data and knowledge will lead to lean muscle gain and fat loss, unless you put in the dedicated work in training. There is simply no replacement for displacement!

Instead of traditional fitness training as an ongoing crutch, you will learn the unknown unknowns that you didn’t even know about. You will dive deep into the connection between mindset and training, and we draft up your road map for the path you want to go.

Your Road Map to Peak Health & Performance

Step 1

Test Your Baseline Metrics


Establishing your baseline metrics is critical to understanding “what” and “how much” you need to fuel your activity and achieve your goals.

Your baseline becomes hard empirical evidence that tracks your progress overtime.

Step 2

Dietitian & Fitness Consults


You will receive a custom-tailored plan based 100% on your personal goals and lifestyle.

Say “no” to cookie-cutter solutions and “yes” to “fine-tuning” your current lifestyle based on your body and your goals.

Step 3

Re-Test Metrics & Support

Eatuitive Nutrition App

You will connect with your registered dietitian and fitness advisor to review your learning and progress.

You will exchange feedback, evaluate progress, and reaffirm yourself for the next cycle.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) & Body Composition Testing

Truly understand your baseline & progress metrics to reach your personal best

The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test measures oxygen consumption via a breath test to determine the number of calories your body requires at rest. The Indirect Calorimetry method we use is considered the Gold Standard in scientific metabolism testing.

The Body Composition Analysis through Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) measures your Body Fat %, Water, and Lean Mass to provide an accurate method to monitor training progress, along with detailed information on your body’s unique make up and proportions.

Your Personalized Nutrition Data At Your Fingertips

Food Journal

Eatuitive Nutrition App

Nutrient Analysis


Nutrient Targets


What Are Our Clients Saying?

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Michael M.

I was undereating!

I have struggled with understanding my body, I have carried weight, lost weight and gained it again while not understanding why necessarily. It wasn’t always clear to me. I thought I was doing everything right eating a low calorie diet, doing loads of exercise…. No! It turns out that I was undereating as I was staving my body eating 1700 calories a day!

We are thought to think that we are the average person, are you an average person or are you different to the average person, more than lightly you are different. A detailed analysis of your body can be done to let you know this. If you are struggling to understand your own body, or how it works I would highly recommend to talk with Evelyn and Michael.

You don’t just get a dietician point of view, but the entire body composition. A plan is set out for you to achieve, these are custom built to suit you! Rest assured this must be up to you to achieve these goals. They aren’t going to do everything for you but they can certainly show you the correct path to go down. Michael will help you understand the best exercises for you while your are eating the correct foods to fuel the body.

I would certainly recommend for you to talk the consult with them if you are ready to make a change in your life.

It has been a great experience for me, thanks for everything to date.

Aaron O.

Quality & Custom Advice

Quality & custom nutritional advice for individuals willing to put in the work to get their desired results, no matter what your goal or fitness level. Highly recommend doing the consult.

Got a Friendly and honest assessment on my current metabolism. Great discussion on my diet and fitness habits, and quality guidance to start getting my desired results, which are producing results.

You still need to take the advice and put in the work on your own, but the guidance to achieve the results your after is worth the investment.

Again, highly recommend…they know what they are doing and practical on giving you the plan needed to get you where you want to be.

M. Radočaj

Great Program Structure

I’ve been into sports my whole life, my whole family is. First it was volleyball (still my love 😃) and after I started to go to gym and attend some group classes like box, yoga,..I love skiing in the winter and hiking literally whenever I can and I’m lucky my hubby is the same! Our fitness goals are nothing special but what’s for sure is that we want to keep being active and fit as much as we can because that’s when we feel our best. My hubby and I went for Eatuitive’s testing services because we wanted a baseline. And the results and especially the explanations by a qualified professional were so helpful. Also, working with them saves so much time! You can learn more from Eatuitive in a few sessions than you can with hundreds of hours researching on your own. And if you give them your questions ahead of the sessions and they WILL research and answer them well. They have a great program structure to begin with, but are also quite flexible in how to work together with a mobile chat app that they’re pretty good at getting back to you with.

E. Macdonald

Very Insightful Experience

I had an very insightful experience with the Eatuitive team. It has been helpful to balance my work life, daily life and training schedules. They were professional, knowledgeable and easy going. Their background in dietetic nutrition, strength training and outdoor adventures shows they know what they’re talking about in a practical yet scientific way. Testing was meaningful to get objective data – no wishy washy feelings too many over focus on and they applauded my discipline in training. I learned to be more effective with my food and fitness, as I don’t have much extra time to waste on ineffective methods. I now understand much better on what I should eat before during and after training so I can function at my best, and how to adapt when days change as they do in these odd times.

Andrea H.

Understand My Own Body

I reached out to Evelyn earlier this year, and I’m glad I did. Evelyn was helpful in helping me understand my own body and overall health. I’ve continually used the resources she provided for me, and will definitely return in the future for more consultations!

Rice P.

Metabolism and Body Fat %

I appreciate the free consultation with the sports dietitian and fitness advisor before deciding to work with them. They took time to understand my fat loss and strength goals, plus the sesh was 45 minutes! They outlined their program which was exactly what I was looking for – metabolism and body fat % testing for a baseline which made me feel comfortable that the recommendations are actually based on something objective, to a weekly meal planner that counts the macros too but with recipes that I can pick, with a grocery list too. The grocery list is ok as there are some duplicates, but with a bit of planning ahead it’s a decent useful tool that’s free with my program. I like the testing because I now actually know how many calories my body burns based on a measurement, and the body fat, while a bit nervous about the text at first, is really helpful for checking my progress. Turns out I gain muscle well but that also made my weight loss slower which is fine because it’s muscle.

Another thing is I can message my nutrition and exercise questions on their app between sessions and they’re reasonably quick in getting back to me. It’s clear that they care about working with the right clients instead of just a money grab a lot of places are, as they didn’t pressure me to sign up right away and gave me time to think. Not only are they professional, they clearly live the talk which is more important to me. Otherwise I can just Google stuff.

Now it’s been a month or so working with Eatuitive, and despite starting in the middle of a pandemic, I feel better than I have in a long time with the easy wins they suggested me with small doable changes. I had no idea my protein was adequate but not optimal, and had no idea that sugar isn’t always bad especially when I’m doing more endurance runs! And I am starting to see results in my fitness performance and anesthetics gains. Help out a local business and help yourself get your health in check – I really can’t say enough good things!

Rachel R.

Issues I wasn't even aware of

Super friendly and very helpful. Made it easy for me to address the issues I wasn’t even aware of.

R. Tomšů

Honored to work with Michael

I’d like to say I’ve been honored to work out with Michael for something over 4 months, and the progress I made was unbelievable both phisicaly and mentaly. He knew how to turn for me “boring” weight-lifting session in the gym in to something I was looking forward to every day. Not only he knows his way around all machines and exercises, more than that, he also is a great partner for deep and profound talks in the meantime.

Both Michael and Evelyn know their ways around working out and nutritions. So if you are looking for some positive change in your life, do not hesitate to work with them.


Kandi W.

As a Pro Athlete...

I gained very valuable information from Evelyn in the short period we worked together. As a professional athlete, nutrition is an important component in my training. Evelyn helped me discover what foods I should be eating before/during and after training to ensure I can perform at my best at all times. Learning how, when and how much to eat in a day has been very helpful in my day to day life and intense training schedules.
Thanks, Evelyn!

Alexandra M.

Break out of a plateau

I went to see Evelyn to help me understand my body’s needs better to be able to break out of a plateau and start building more muscle tone. She not only gave me easy to follow recommendations on what I should consume for each macro based on my body type and how to build each meal/snack, she was very easy to work with, knowledgeable and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. I am now starting to see my weight shift and feel I am finally breaking out of my plateau. Another thing I also really enjoyed about Evelyn is she didn’t restrict any food groups or recommend a low amount of calories – it’s refreshing to see someone to recommend to EAT real food.

Sheena H.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

I really liked working with Evelyn 🙂 I was diagnosed by my Dr with iron deficiency anemia, and Evelyn gave me some very useful tips for meals, snacks, and other advice, including cooking with a cast iron pan! Very helpful, shes an absolute Gem❤

A. Leite

Adjustments in Eating Mindset

I’ve started with Eatuitive in May of this year, and with the adjustments in my eating mindset, so far I’ve dropped from 248 lbs to 229 lbs. And my muscle mass kept the same since the beginning. I’m happy where my body, health and eating are going so far. Also know this detailed data about the relation of muscle/fat over time in the testings, were great to the little adjustments on the food so I could keep myself in the proper track to I achieve my goals.

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