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Achieve Your Milestone Goals, Strengthen Your Physical Health

Eatuitive Nutrition is a performance nutrition & weight management centre that caters to health-focused and active people who want to reach their personal best and maximize their health. We are here to help you achieve the next milestone – whether it is to overcome a training plateau, excel at your first 5 km race, be ready for an overnight backpack trip, or simply to feel energetic enough to enjoy your day-to-day life, without any food-doubt on your mind.

Our Registered Dietitian & Fitness Advisor provide in-person specialized testing services, nutrition & fitness education through online/screenshare sessions, based 100% on your personal goals and lifestyle preferences that’s achievable even at home.

Empirical Science Approach

Our nutrition and fitness programs start with a comprehensive nutrition assessment with our registered dietitian that includes a 1-day nutrient analysis, followed by a fitness advisor session so you can stay active anywhere, even at home. We consider everything from medical history, work and family life, and most importantly the goals that brought you to us to begin with.

Food-Based Nutrition

We will sort through the overhwhelming information out there by creating a clear and tailored plan – whether this is a detailed macronutrient-based plan, or a food-based meal plan with your taste preference in mind. Eating real, delicious & nourishing food is not only more enjoyable, it is essential for weight loss sustainability and performing your best.


Body Fat & Metabolism Testing


Dietitian + Fitness Assessment


Detailed Nutrient Analysis


Weekly Meal Plan + Grocery List


Supplement Recommendations


Mobile App + Photo Food Journal

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) & Body Composition Testing

Truly understand your baseline & progress metrics and reach peak performance

The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test measures oxygen consumption via a breath test to determine the number of calories your body requires at rest. The Indirect Calorimetry method we use is considered the Gold Standard in scientific metabolism testing.

The Body Composition Analysis through Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) measures your Body Fat %, Water, and Lean Mass to provide an accurate method to monitor training progress, along with detailed information on your body’s unique make up and proportions.

Our Nutrition & Fitness Programs

Registered Dietitian & Fitness Assessment

Custom Weekly Updated Meal Planner

Detailed Macronutrient & Micronutrient Analysis

Mobile App Support:
A Portal to Success

Virtual Dietitian & Fitness Advisor Coaching

Stay connected with your dietitian and fitness advisor with secure real-time messaging. Also log entries in the Photo Food and Lifestyle Journals which we can review and provide motivation and guidance. Our plans come with access to our Signature Weekly Meal Planner with detailed nutrition information and mobile chat support. Our Registered Dietitian & Fitness Advisor provide nutrition and fitness education through online/screenshare sessions and in-person at our Calgary downtown office, based 100% on your personal goals and lifestyle preferences that’s achievable even at home.

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What’s Included:

📲  A FREE app with a photo food journal built right in
📧 1-Week FREE chat messaging . You can email, text, or message us right in the app! ($98 value)
📞 A FREE dietitian & fitness consultation to set up your 1-on-1 program.

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