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everyday athlete /ˈɛv riˈdeɪ ˈæθ lit/  noun.
A person who values consistent activity as a way of life.

 Using leading health technology tools, our registered dietitians and professionals guide you to achieving the best results you’re capable of – for the rest of your life.

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Eatuitive Nutrition App

Are you guessing your calories, macros & protein needs?

Our Resting Metabolic Rate & Body Composition Testing can help.

The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test measures how much energy (calories) your body burns at rest. The Body Composition Analysis validates your progress by measuring changes in your body fat, water and muscle mass.

Our team then translates your health metrics to determine your personal calories, protein & macros targets, for a better understanding of your body.

Step 1

Body Composition & Metabolism Testing

(Calgary Location Only)



Establishing your baseline metrics is critical to understanding “what” and “how much” you need to fuel your activity and achieve your goals.

Your baseline testing provides objective empirical data that tracks your progress overtime. Understanding your metrics helps you achieve the best results your body is capable of. Let’s work smarter, and arm you with personalized knowledge about you for success.

Our Resting Metabolism test tells you “how much” you need to eat, by directly measuring your body’s calorie needs. Our Body Composition Analyzer provides your lean body mass, so you know “what” amount of protein is most optimal for your goals.

You will receive your testing reports, and a detailed interpretation during your session.

Step 2

Registered Dietitian Consults & Nutrient Analysis

(Virtual Services via Zoom)



Say “no” to cookie-cutter solutions and “yes” to “fine-tuning” your current lifestyle based on your body and your goals.

You will receive a custom-tailored plan based on your personal goals and lifestyle.

Once you understand your body, you can fuel your body with the nutrition you need. Without proper nutrition and optimal protein intake, it’s impossible for you to build lean muscle and lose body fat, even if you are dedicated to training!

From macros to micros, not only will we break down your nutrition plan in detail, more importantly we will explain the “why” so you can take this knowledge with you for life.

With our Registered Dietitian, you can expect honest, no-nonsense recommendations.

Step 3

Fitness Consults, Training Plans, Support & Re-Tests

(Calgary Location & Virtual Services)

Eatuitive Nutrition App

Every rep counts. Do yours?

No amount of data and knowledge will lead to lean muscle gain and fat loss, unless you put in the dedicated work in training. There is simply no replacement for displacement!

Instead of traditional fitness training as an ongoing crutch, you will learn the unknown unknowns that you didn’t even know about. You will dive deep into the connection between mindset and training, and we draft up your road map for the path you want to go.

During this phase, you will connect with your registered dietitian and fitness advisor to review your learning and progress. You will exchange feedback, evaluate progress, and reaffirm yourself for the next cycle.

Personal Nutrition Data at Your Fingertips

Food & Lifestyle Journals

Scan or take pictures of your favorite foods and add entries with a few taps. This powerful food journal that makes detailed nutrient analysis easy.

Direct Messaging

Stay connected and accountable with direct messaging with your team.

What Are Our Clients Saying?

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Michael B.Michael B.
23:22 20 Aug 22
Went from steady 15% body fat and muscle, to lean defined, and what people call me now, "shredded" at under 10% body fat ALL year round.They gave me my own precise amount of calories I burn daily and from this, my "optimum minimum" calories need to NOT store fat. Same with my protein needs.I was ALWAYS under eating for my output when I train.Fundamentals of what was needed versus what I believed I needed. But in fact, I didn't actually know what I needed at all!At 43,all natural and train regularly and maintain the above numbers not with more work but in fact I get significantly more results for the SAME work.Thank you Eatuitve team!!!
yonghee shinyonghee shin
21:30 28 Apr 22
I highly recommend Eatuitive Nutrition. Body composition and BMR tests gave me a lot of insight and they guided me regarding selecting healthy foods without deviating from my cultural diet. It was a friendly experience, and they explained all the data they obtained. I was able to gain information from them that helped me see that what I've been doing for the past few years has worked for me, but also gave me insight on how I might be able to improve my performance. Thank you!
Monica (쏘쏘)Monica (쏘쏘)
19:18 28 Apr 22
Evelyn is knowledgeable, encouraging and dedicated. I have learned so much about necessary nutrition that I didn’t know. Also, she answer all of my questions. She is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Evelyn.
Falak Naz ShakirFalak Naz Shakir
07:33 23 Mar 22
I highly recommend Eatuitive Nutrition. Results from the body composition and BMR testing was a real eye-opener and from there onwards they guided me regarding making healthy food choices without deviating from my cultural foods. These changes have made me feeling stronger and less tired throughout the day. It’s been 3 months and though the scales have not budged and I understand it takes time, but I feel I have been equipped to make the right food choices for myself and my family.I have never been a physically active person and have some joint issues which limit my ability to exercise. As soon as they came to know about it, they sent me referrals where exercises would be structured & supervised based on my condition. For this I am so grateful to them as it saved me time and the guess work of finding a clinical exercise physiologist.
Glenn PollardGlenn Pollard
02:11 05 Dec 21
Had a very positive meeting with the team this past week. They were friendly and explained all the data that was obtained from the testing. The information that I obtained from them helped me see that what I have been doing for the past 15 years has been working for me, but it also gave me insight on how I may be able to help myself do better. Thank you Evelyn and Mike!!!!
Evee SEvee S
17:37 09 Nov 21
Without a doubt, I highly recommend Helanie, Evelyn and Michael of Eatuitive Nutrition. Not only is Helanie's nutrition consults based on science and research, the testing session with Michael and Evelyn is based on sound empirical data to measure my resting metabolic rate and body fat percentages - a game changer for me to KNOW instead of GUESS my baseline and progress as an aspiring athlete. The entire team speaks from a place of knowledge and experience.Helanie's delivery is personalized, thoughtful, encouraging, kind and impactful. And as a triathlete and mother, she can not only address everyday family nutrition, but also from an athlete perspective living a busy life.
Kelvin Liang-MahKelvin Liang-Mah
03:19 26 Aug 21
Saw Evelyn for 2 sessions over 2 weeks. Had a fantastic experience learning about my body composition and my current diet. Learned a lot of different things that I can do to improve my health and reach my fitness goals. Evelyn was extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Would see again in a heart beat.
Angie HoangAngie Hoang
15:56 29 Jul 21
Eatuitive is great! Working with them really helped me to move past a specific weight loss target and I am now focusing on getting stronger and building more muscle tone. I was looking for a service that offered both nutrition and exercise, and was really intrigued by the testing. They measured my body fat percentage and resting metabolic rate, and spent a lot of time explaining the complex data in a very easy to understand way. It was truly eye opening. Then, I tracked my food for about a week with their app which was super easy, and had it properly analyzed with the dietitian. She set up personalized targets for me and more importantly explained WHY - This was always missing in my previous attempts to getting healthier. Not only am I now hitting my goals of cutting down body fat (went from 35% to about 28% now over 6 months), I am also steadily getting stronger and the re-tests show that I gained 3 lbs of muscle!Their resources are really useful as well. There's a course full of short informative videos and readings to go through, as well as video HIIT work outs that are surprisingly quick and effective.
Christina NielsenChristina Nielsen
13:54 08 Jun 21
Evelyn and Michael are amazing. I am so grateful for the knowledge they've equipped me with and the support they have given while working with them. I finally feel so much more confident with my nutrition and fitness goals and how to achieve them. They've educated me in such a way that means I know what to do for myself now. They helped break down a lot of myths for me and unhelpful preconceptions that I had. Now I'm on a committed long term path and I couldn't be happier about that! Also - the tools they give you are just great - beyond the nutritional information, their app, meal planning, and live feedback on fitness was just more than I ever expected.

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