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Your drag-and-drop meal planner with dietitian-approved & chef-tested recipes, along with linked grocery lists. Finally, it’s easy to eat healthy and delicious food.

We eat food, not nutrients.

Let’s bring flavour back to nutrition.

Your drag-and-drop meal planner is filled with simple & nutritious recipes that are dietitian-approved and chef-tested. No complicated planning. No boring routines. It’s easy to choose healthy food when you choose Eatuitive Nutrition.

Here’s how our meal plans work:

Easy to get started

  • When you get started with your meal plans, you’ll choose already-prepared meal plans that consider your health goals. (See our plan options below)
  • You can also build your own custom meal plans using thousands of dietitian-approved recipes that are simple and delicious. You’ll receive more than 30 recipes each week!
  • Meal plans are interactive and fully customizable. Add or remove recipes based on your preferences, then adjust the number of servings if you want leftovers. Nutrition facts for meals, day, and week will automatically adjust as you make changes.
  • You’ll get a 3-day template, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel! This leaves you lots of time to enjoy ordering in or eating out.
  • A smart grocery list keeps track of everything you need to buy at the store.
Smart Grocery Lists

No more skipping meals because you’re missing ingredients.

Nutrition Facts

Make informed food choices with detailed nutrition facts.

Eat delicious, healthy and homemade foods from scratch.

Dietitian-Approved Meal Plan

Building a plan for you and your goals.

Weight Loss Meal Plan

Kick-start your health and weight loss goals with balanced nutrition that won’t compromise.

Fitness Performance Meal Plan

Fuel your active lifestyle with this higher protein and calorie plan.

Plant-Based Vegan/Vegetarian Plan

Meet your nutrition needs with plant-based recipes rich in antioxidants, fibre, and plant-proteins.

Anti-Inflammatory Plan

Manage chronic inflammation associated with many conditions with this anti-inflammatory plan. 

Low-FODMAP Digestive Meal Plan

Suitable for those with IBS or digestive issues, these plans contain ingredients low in FODMAPs.

PCOS/Diabetes Meal Plan

Manage PCOS/Diabetes with this low-glycemic plan aimed at normalizing hormones and blood sugars.