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Cultivate Excellence with a Registered Dietitian – Testing Metrics, Nutrition & Training.

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Calgary Registered Dietitian & Fitness Advisor

Long-term change and habits take time and persistence, and Eatuitive is here to guide you to stay on course.


You want to eat better, but you’re not sure where to start.

It’s hard to know what’s healthy and what’s not. Nutrition labels can be confusing, and it seems like every other expert has a different opinion.

Sounds familiar?

Eatuitive Nutrition is the solution for you. We are a data-driven practice that uses the latest technology to help you achieve your health goals. We offer registered dietitian and fitness advisor services, as well as testing services that help us create individualized meal and workout plans for you. Plus, we have detailed self-directed learning programs that make it easy for you to get started on your journey to better health.

After your In-Person Testing Metrics Session (Calgary Location only, email to join our Edmonton wait-list!), eliminate travel time and stay in the comfort of your own home/office via virtual online consultations (Zoom). You will have easy access to your recommendations, resources, and journals to help you reach your health goals.

We offer an Upfront Pricing Model, which allows you to start with your Testing Metrics Session ($240) and upgrade to a full package within 1 month.

Areas of Specialty

Sport, Adventure & Performance Nutrition

Weight Management & Chronic Conditions

Digestive Health & Low FODMAP Diets

Family Nutrition & Picking Eating

Body Fat & Metabolism Testing

Nutrition Targets & Analysis

Recipes & Custom Meal Planner

Nutrition Advice for Fitness

Step 1

Body Composition & Metabolism Testing

(Calgary Location Only)


Establishing your baseline metrics is critical to understanding “what” and “how much” you need to fuel your activity and achieve your goals.

Your baseline testing provides objective empirical data that tracks your progress overtime. Understanding your metrics helps you achieve the best results your body is capable of. Let’s work smarter, and arm you with personalized knowledge about you for success.

Our Resting Metabolism test tells you “how much” you need to eat, by directly measuring your body’s calorie needs. Our Body Composition Analyzer provides your lean body mass, so you know “what” amount of protein is most optimal for your goals.

You will receive your testing reports, and a detailed interpretation during your session.

Step 2

Dietitian Consults & Nutrient Analysis

(Virtual Services via Zoom)



Say “no” to cookie-cutter solutions and “yes” to “fine-tuning” your current lifestyle based on your body and your goals.

You will receive a custom-tailored plan based on your personal goals and lifestyle.

Once you understand your body, you can fuel your body with the nutrition you need. Without proper nutrition and optimal protein intake, it’s impossible for you to build lean muscle and lose body fat, even if you are dedicated to training!

From macros to micros, not only will we break down your nutrition plan in detail, more importantly we will explain the “why” so you can take this knowledge with you for life.

With our Registered Dietitian, you can expect honest, no-nonsense recommendations.

Step 3

Fitness Consults, Support & Re-Tests

(Calgary Location & Virtual Services)


Eatuitive Nutrition App

Every rep counts. Do yours?

No amount of data and knowledge will lead to lean muscle gain and fat loss, unless you put in the dedicated work in training. There is simply no replacement for displacement!

Instead of traditional fitness training as an ongoing crutch, you will learn the unknown unknowns that you didn’t even know about. You will dive deep into the connection between mindset and training, and we draft up your road map for the path you want to go.

During this phase, you will connect with your registered dietitian and fitness advisor to review your learning and progress. You will exchange feedback, evaluate progress, and reaffirm yourself for the next cycle.

Metabolism & Body Composition Testing

Understand your body, baseline & progress metrics to reach your personal best!

Your Fitness Advisor will conduct The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test measures oxygen consumption via a breath test to determine the number of calories your body requires at rest. The Indirect Calorimetry method we use is considered the Gold Standard in scientific metabolism testing.

The Body Composition Analysis through Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) measures your Body Fat %, Water, and Lean Mass to provide an accurate method to monitor training progress, along with detailed information on your body’s unique make up and proportions.


Custom Meal Planner, Powered by EatLove

We eat food, not nutrients. Let’s bring flavour back to nutrition.

Finally, it’s easy to eat healthy and delicious food! Through the EatLove Meal Planning platform, your Registered Dietitian will support you with a customizable, drag-and-drop digital meal plan that addresses your personal needs and preferences. We bring flavour to nutrition with simple recipes the whole family can enjoy.

Each week, you will receive suggested recipes with the ability to search hundreds more to add to your plan. All recipes are extensively tested and feature whole food ingredients with easy-to-follow directions for people of all cooking levels.

Meal Planning services are included as part of our packages or as an add-on during your nutrition assessment. See detailed pricing.


Program Bonuses

Education Videos, Client Portal & Meal Planner

Bonus 1: Education Video Library & Advanced Articles (20+ Modules)

Your education video library has over 4 hours of content, split into easily understood and digestible 5-10 minute videos and advanced articles to suit different learning styles.

Nutrition Modules
  • Carbohydrate, The Misunderstood Macronutrient
  • Fiber, The Unofficial Macronutrient
  • Protein, The Powerhouse Macronutrient
  • Fat, The Hidden Macronutrient
  • Water, The Quest for Hydration
  • Meal Timing, Does When You Eat Really Matter?
Physical Training Modules
  • Physical Activity, An Introduction
  • How NEAT is Daily Physical Activity?
  • Aerobic Exercise & High Intensity Aerobic Training
  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
  • Strength Training’s Underrated, Yet Most Important Benefits
  • Physical Activity in Practice
Lifestyle Modules
  • Lasting Change
  • How to Create an Effective Workout Plan?
  • How to Overcome Common Problems?
  • Goal Setting
  • Sleep & Shift Work
  • Stress
  • Dealing with Setbacks
  • Changing Habits – A Practical Guide
  • A Winner Mindset
Eatuitive Nutrition App

Bonus 2: Client Portal, Chat Support & Intuitive Food Tracker

Your support continues beyond 1-on-1 sessions!

Stay connected with your registered dietitian and fitness advisor with secure real-time messaging. And, in less than 5-10 minutes per day, you can log entries in the food and lifestyle journals and compare to your personalized nutrient targets from your dietitian.


eatuitive nutrition cycling

Bonus 3: Chef-Tested Meal Planner & Recipe Bank

We eat food, not nutrients!

You get hundreds of dietitian-approved and chef-tested recipes with our powerful customizable, drag-and-drop digital meal planner. Finally, it’s easy to eat healthy and delicious food.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our Calgary location is located on the 2nd floor office building of the Calgary Business Centre, corner of 1st Street SE and 10 Ave, where we offer In-Person Testing and Fitness Assessments with our Fitness Advisor.

Our Registered Dietitian offer services exclusively online via Zoom at this time, with the possibility of In-Person services in Edmonton in the future. Please note that your dietitian is registered to practice in the province of Alberta, and is also able to see clients in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and the Territories.

Q: Are you covered by health insurance benefits?

A: Many health benefits plans cover services provided by a registered dietitian. Note that your dietitian is registered with the province of Alberta, Canada, and some plans do not cover out-of-province practitioners. Check with your insurance plan provider or HR department.

Please note that most benefits providers won’t cover the full cost of a session, so be prepared to pay for part of your session out of pocket.

When speaking with your insurance provider you’ll want to ask about their Reasonable Customary Fee, as it’s different for all practitioners. I would also suggest when you’re speaking with them that you go ahead and ask in relation to other services as well (massage, physio, therapy, etc.) just so you have that information! It can be different. Once they provide you with that information let us know and we can sort it out!

Q: Do you offer direct billing?

A: Yes, we offer direct billing for Blue Cross plan members at this time. We need your group #, ID # and date of birth to pre-determine your coverage. For all other plans: If you have a health insurance benefits plan or spending account, do check with your provider to see if Registered Dietitian services are covered. Please come prepared with information on your plan, such as restrictions regarding maximum per session or hour. This is known as a “reasonable and customary fee” (RCF) which often is not divulged unless specifically asked. We are always happy to help you navigate your plan to maximize your coverage as long as we have the relevant information!

Q: Is the credit card information necessary?

A: Yes it is, the card will not be processed unless you don’t show for the appointment. However it is a requirement to book with us, and you will not be able to book an appointment unless you provide the information.

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